Today this box arrived: Edge Router Pro

The EdgeRouter Pro from Ubiquiti. We are about to use them as CE routers at customers for the following reasons:

  • They are relatively cheap compared to other vendors
  • They have a lot of features (IPv4/IPv6 support, OSPF, BGP, IPsec, PBR, etc)
  • No licensing model
  • 2M pps
  • 8 ports and combo ports for SFPs
  • A Juniper JunOS like CLI (EdgeOS is a fork from Vyatta)
  • 19″ mountable racking

We’ ve been testing the EdgeRouter Pro with SFP’s from fiberstore and they are working great for our purposes. For a list of supported SFP’s see here.

We have tested BGP with IPv4 full-tables and IPv6 full-tables (3 feeds each) and it worked fine!

One thing we are missing is VRF Lite or MPLS support. Good news is that this is planned for EdgeOS v1.8.