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useful commands using GPG

Here’s a shortlist for some useful commands when using GPG.


Encrypting a file:

Decrypting a file:

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Encrypting a directory:

Decrypting a directory:

IOS-XR static route generation script

Here’s a script that generates static routes using perl for IOS-XR, you can paste the output into your config. You can redistribute these routes into bgp so you can play with RPL.

You can use it in the following way:

Figuring out the maximum MTU size with linux

With the following command you can test if you need to adjust your mtu settings, this works for ipv4 and ipv6.

Joined the NLNOG Ring

Today i setup a box to join the NLNOG ring project. This is a very cool (and pretty large) project useful for troubleshooting purposes from the outside of your network. A lot of dutch- and international operators have joined this ring already.  It provides a powerful toolbox which you can use to see if you have basic connectivity, firewall- and DNS workings for IPv4 and IPv6 etc.


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