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Unifi controller on Synology NAS

This post is about how to configure and run the Ubiquiti unifi controller on a Synology NAS using Docker.

Quite recently I purchased UAP-AC-PRO access-point. Part of the Ubiquiti unifi solution is the unifi controller. I have tried installing the unifi controller on a Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) system with shared applications but that didn’t work out well because of ipv6 running on this box. The installation of the unifi controller failed because of this. Normally you would dedicate a VPS to the unifi controller function. :)

Then i thought about running the unifi controller on my Synology NAS DS412+. After some investigation I saw that docker was an application that was available and that someone actually published the unifi controller on dockerhub.

Here’s some small steps on what you need to do to get the unifi controller running on a Synology NAS running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 6 using the GUI:

1.) Install docker from package center

2.) Open docker and go to Register, search for unifi “https://hub.docker.com/r/jacobalberty/unifi/” and click download.

3.) Within a few minutes (depending on your download speed) the image should be available in the image tab.

4.) Within the image tab click start and choose a wise name to identify your own unifi controller (mine is called wifi-controller).

5.) Set the network settings 1:1 (TCP/UDP ports), make sure you do not have any other applications running on these ports (like SabNZB).

6.) Start the wifi-controller and access it through: https://<nas-ip>:8443

Have fun!

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro testing

Today this box arrived: Edge Router Pro

The EdgeRouter Pro from Ubiquiti. We are about to use them as CE routers at customers for the following reasons:

  • They are relatively cheap compared to other vendors
  • They have a lot of features (IPv4/IPv6 support, OSPF, BGP, IPsec, PBR, etc)
  • No licensing model
  • 2M pps
  • 8 ports and combo ports for SFPs
  • A Juniper JunOS like CLI (EdgeOS is a fork from Vyatta)
  • 19″ mountable racking

We’ ve been testing the EdgeRouter Pro with SFP’s from fiberstore and they are working great for our purposes. For a list of supported SFP’s see here.

We have tested BGP with IPv4 full-tables and IPv6 full-tables (3 feeds each) and it worked fine!

One thing we are missing is VRF Lite or MPLS support. Good news is that this is planned for EdgeOS v1.8.

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