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Synology NAS backup with rsync

This post will outline the configuration needed to backup a Synology NAS to a remote rsync server running Ubuntu server 16.04

rsyncd server configuration

Configure rsync to run as daemon

edit /etc/rsync/defaults and set:

edit /etc/rsyncd.conf and set the following vars, path should be edited to where your mountpoint is. Below mount point is a NFS mount.

edit /etc/rsyncd.secrets and add the following:

This is the username and password you will need to configure on the Synology NAS when setting up the backup target with hyperbackup.

Set the file permissions correctly:

After this restart rsyncd:

NFS mountpoint

The configuration below is my own setup and related to the content above.

edit /etc/fstab and add the following entry:

The ls command should now trigger automount:


Joined the NLNOG Ring

Today i setup a box to join the NLNOG ring project. This is a very cool (and pretty large) project useful for troubleshooting purposes from the outside of your network. A lot of dutch- and international operators have joined this ring already.  It provides a powerful toolbox which you can use to see if you have basic connectivity, firewall- and DNS workings for IPv4 and IPv6 etc.


VyOS as a route-reflector

VyOS is a Linux-based network operating system that provides software-based network routing, firewall, and VPN functionality. VyOS can be downloaded from: http://www.vyos.net

vyosI recently setup some virtual routers using VyOS and the syntax is much like JunOS. Therefor the setup was pretty easy if you’re comfortable with JunOS or if you are a former Vyatta fan. If you’re not familiar with JunOS/Vyatta there’s a learning curve.

VyOS has been setup as a route-reflector in my case and acts is running in vmware 5.5. It is very stable using both IPv4 and IPv6 full tables. I did some performance testing as well and it works very good.

It’s full of nice features (tunneling/policy etc), the only thing i was really missing was RPKI support.


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