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Passed the Brocade BCVRE exam

Today i passed the BCVRE (Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer) NFV exam. The exam is based on Brocade vRouter running on Vyatta. The exam was pretty easy and main focus is on CLI commands and basic routing. Some questions had multiple correct answers (at other vendors there usually is a catch) but in this case it couldn’t miss. Which annoyed me a little at times.


If you follow and study the BCVRE nutshell guide you should get pretty far in this exam as the passrate is pretty low.

I work a lot with VyOS and EdgeOS from Ubiquiti which are forks of Vyatta and are therefor pretty much similar.

shell access in VyOS

Here’s an example on how to restart the snmpd service using VyOS. I could not find a way to get it restarted, even when changing small settings.

It will soon be integrated into the new VyOS firmware:


Configuring L2TPv3 on VyOS

Here’s a config snippet to configure a L2TPv3 VPN on VyOS. We had the need to extend our layer 2 over layer 3 (different DC’s) so we could do some migrations without much issues and hassle. :)

Per DC we have one VyOS router (virtual), one interface (eth1) is configured as the Attachment Circuit and the other to terminate the pseudowire on (eth0). So you need a minimum of two vNIC’s per router. eth1 and the pseudowire interface are configured into a bridge (br0).

Router in DC1:

Router in DC2:

If your hypervisor is VMware, you should configure the vSwitch to work in ‘promiscous mode’.

Adjusting TCP MSS on VyOS

The following configuration can be done when you want to adjust your TCP MSS size on VyOS.


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